Congratulations Midwest Cheer Elite Xenia Senior & Open Hip Hop along with our Danceabilities Hip Hop on their Bids to 2021 USASF Dance Worlds


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All-Star teams Cheer and Hip Hop teams forming - Become on of the Elite


Welcome to Midwest Cheer Elite Xenia.  We are delighted that you have chosen to become part of one of the top All-Star programs in the Midwest:  Our mission at Midwest Cheer Elite Xenia is to provide life experiences and memories for athletes to carry on throughout their lives, through the sport of competitive cheer and dancing.  Our goal every day is to teach our athletes values of commitment, hard work, integrity, leadership, self-confidence, positive attitude and a love for the sport.  It is our goal to be the very best All-star program in the area, if not the country.  Each and every family is important to us and our program.  We invite you to come and see what it is like to be “One of the Elite!”   Please turn in the Evaluation form, member information form, copy of your Birth Certificate and Waiver.  Athletes will be unable to participate in evaluations without all forms completed by the legal parent/guardian.


Q: What does our fees cover?      

A: Monthly Cheer Fee covers the cost of your team practices and tumbling classes and competition fees.  The commitment fee covers  practice wear, tank/t-shirt.   Not included:  Uniforms, warm ups, shoes, Worlds Dance choreography/music. These items will be ordered/Paid separately as needed.   Travel expenses, US Finals/the One/Worlds/Summit fee's and banquet are also not included.   The cost grid is for SINGLE TEAM athletes only.  


  1. Who are the Coaches?
  2. Coaches are background checked as well as Professional Members of the USASF with certification through their styles. All coaches have also taken the State Mandated Concussion Test!


  1. What Competitions Do We Attend?
  2. Specific competitions will be decided over the summer and will be discussed during your team meeting. Full Season Cheer and Dance will attend 6-8 competitions.


  1. How do you select Teams?

A: We select teams to be the most competitive in each level/style.   Remember, you are trying out to be part of Midwest Cheer Elite Xenia, not just a specific team or for a specific position.    Individuals are evaluated based on level of tumbling and stunting.   They must be able to do both in a level and then it is based on the need of the teams to maximize their scores


  1. How Often do we practice?
  2. Allstars practice are twice a weekand so do prep; Tiny prep and Novice and Mid-Season Practice 1 day a week along with all teams attend a tumbling class. There will also be a flex class and Flight School offered for all flyers to attend.   Extra practices will be added as we approach competition season. *Worlds dance teams could practice up to 3 days a week beginning in November through the season.


Q: Does everyone make a team?      

A: All athletes are placed on teams that are suitable for their level/style and age group.